Sunday, 4 January 2015

December empties.

 photo DSC_0518copyy_zps33d74e68.jpg
+ + + Balea bodylotion. I love love love these products, this bodylotion smells like heaven, figs and chocolate! It's not the best moisturising I've ever used but the smell it's too amazing. I just love Balea bodylotions;

+ + + + + + Hair colour remover Colour B4. This product is the best. I went from red hair to blonde in just an hour. You can read my review in romanian here. I strongly recommend it if you want to get rid of black or red hair;

+ Bioten moisturizing 24 hour cream. I'm not really impressed with this product, it's just a regular moisturizing face cream. I'm glad it's empty now.

+ + Apidermaliv. This one is a moisturizer with olive oil, shea oil and menthol designed for cracked heels or hard skin around that area. I hate the smell of this product really bad but I love the fact that it's really moisturizing. I like to use it at night and then put on some fluffy cute socks. I think I will repurchase it.

+ + + Dove deodorant spray. It's my favourite and I already have a new one!

+ Elmiplant Cellufight! This one is a anti cellulite gel, I still dont know if it does anything. I've been dieting for a while so I have no idea if it was the diet or the gel that helped me. Probably the diet :)

- - - Aromax bust countouring oil. I have no idea why I bought this product. It's just an oil that smells like orange oil. I'm really glad that it's empty and in the trash now.

These are all the products I've used this month, nothing impressive, not too many empties in December. Have you tried any of these products?

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