Saturday, 10 January 2015

My Gel Nails at Home manicure by Essence after 14 days!!

 photo DSC_0239_zpsd9423417.jpg

Hello georgeous!

Do you remember my post about the Gel Nails at Home kit by Essence? I was pretty impressed with that kit so today I want to show you how durable the manicure really is. I wore it for two whole weeks even though it's supposed to last up to 10 days. It looks pretty good, it hasnt chiped, it's just a little worn off at this tips of the nails, but it still holds that beautiful shine.

 photo DSC_0557copy_zps542c5658.jpg
 photo DSC_0563copy_zps542c5658.jpg

I had a little bit of a problem when it came to removing it, I just couldn't peel it off like I was supposed to, I felt like I was peeling off bits of my nails too. I must have been doing something wrong when I applied it because a friend of mine used this kit and she peeled them off without any trouble. So I had to wrap my nails in aluminum foil and cotton balls soaked in acetone to remove it. It came off pretty easy ths way.

I will give it another try as soon as I get over my textured nails polish mood.

Did you try this kit? Could you peel off the nail polish?